Friday, January 2, 2009 - Widow Support

I ran across a helpful site for widows. It's called WidowsList and it's located at">

The site was begun by Sandra Pesmen and the Mission statement is as follows:
"Our community aims to provide a platform where "Women in the Widow 'hood" have a voice; and where they can discuss their unique challenges, conflicts, solutions and joys; families, friends, jobs and leisure time. The "Widows' Lists" offer practical and tested places where widows have found answers and trustworthy service providers."

Widowslist has a chat/blog with helpful articles and information, such as "Beware After-Funeral 'Predators'", and "How Do You Handle Those Anniversary Reactions?"

Also, there's helpful information in regards to topics such as:
Physical Health
Mental Health
Real Estate
Home and Garden

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