Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog Tour on Grief, Loss, Bereavement Related Information - Participants Needed

To create as much exposure as possible to the death, dying and bereavement topic, I will be doing a blog tour at the end of January. I am gathering information on any and all books/websites, blogs, information related to Loss, grief, bereavement, thanatology, death and dying, widows, widowers, bereaved parents, brothers, sister, etc. Anyone interested in being included can email me at
onwingspress@ yahoo.com with your URL, short blurb of book or website. If you're not sure if your topic fits, ask me.

I post to approximately 15 different blogs/sites/ groups related to this
topic, including my own websites and blog sites. Currently, my blog is googled within approximately 6 hours of my posts -- I've been tracking this with
google keywords for six months.

All I ask is that you post the same on your site on the same day -- and I will send you the post already formatted.

Depending on response, I will be doing this about the last week of

I also plan to include grief and bereavement related sites that I have
been in contact with. So pass this along to anyone who fits into this topic.

Elaine Williams

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